Website Management & Maintenance

And Do I Need It?

Yes you need it for your website unless you're a Web Developer, Programmer, Systems Analyst and SEO and SEM expert. When customers invest in a new website, there is a misconception that it "should work flawless forever" unfortunately it won't! Websites require regular maintenance just like your computer does. If your home or office computer starts to get issues, then usually you apply updates to the operating system, restart it, update your anti-virus and software, and if it's still not working correctly you might consider taking it to and IT specialist for help. Similar principles apply to your website. At a code level, it will require a professional to perform certain task to keep your website functioning correctly and healthy in a changing environment.
A website that is not maintained correctly will quickly become outdated on a code/software level. It can also have an effect on your visitors experience with broken links, slow page loading times, and dated content giving the impression of a business not paying attention to it's customer experience. There are also security issues with your website getting hacked with malware and spyware. Those two items alone can take your website down or cause it to have many problems.

Our Website Management and Maintenance Program

Weekly backups of your website and databases. Weekly website scans for malware and spyware. Keep all of your website scripts and databases updated on a regular basis.
Perform any updates to your website such as adding or changing pictures and text.
Monthly reports for viewers to your website, pages they viewed, new visitors, returning visitors, where the visitors came from, how many visitors found your website in the search engines, what operating system they used.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization). SEM ) Search Engine Marketing)
We work daily to get your website with a high ranking in the three tops search engines. Google, Bing and Yahoo. Most all of our clients are on Page 1 in all three search engines without paying to have them there. Once we get your website ranked high, we continue working to keep it ranking high, 

Website Hosting Monitor
We monitor your website 24 x 7  to report if your website goes down and can't be viewed. If your website goes down we work to fix the problem asap so your website will be back online. We have more control over uptime-downtime if you're website is hosted on our personal servers.  We furnish you a monthly uptime-downtime report.

Monthly Viewer Report

Monthly reports for viewers to your website.pages they viewed, new visitors, returning visitors, where the visitors came from, how many visitors found your website in the search engines, what operating system they used. This is an important asset for a business owner to know to show the weaknesses and most popular interest people have in their business,

Website Health

A website needs to stay healthy. If your website crashes we rebuild your website for free. If your website did get hacked then we remove the hack. We remove any Malware and Spyware from it if any is found on it. We provide our clients with a monthly health report for their websites. 

Management Fees

Our management and maintenance fees are based on how large your website is, how complex the framework of your website, SSL certificates, and hosting resources needed for your website. Your management and maintenance fee will be quoted at the same time we quote the price of building you a website. Our management fees start at $25.00 monthly.